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Candy - Review

Candy by Torrance Sene is the first book in the Naughty Confections series. And the series title is absolutely perfect because this book was a masterclass in blending sweet, sexy, and a little bit naughty.

This is a quick read about Candace, a small-town baker by day / cam girl by night, and Miles, a submissive nerd who's back in town to help his sister with the new baby.

Candace (Candy when she's camming) is a beautiful, confident, plus size woman. One of my favorite things about this story is that Candace never doubted her beauty. She was at home in her body without seeking validation from others, and while it's clear that this confidence is something she's worked toward (she's in her 30's and has some perspective), body image is never an issue for her in the book. It's a love letter to big girls, not only in the way she interacts with the love interest, but in the way Candace loves herself.

Miles is adorable. He's a couple years younger than Candace and had a crush on her in high school (but assumed she never noticed him). He's got a submissive side that he's only ever been able to share with his favorite cam girl ...

Only after their first date goes fairly well, does he realize that his favorite cam girl Candy and Candace are one and the same. There's a small amount of angst for them both from this realization, but they manage to communicate and move past it fairly quickly.

In case it isn't obvious yet, I LOVED this book. 100% more-than-a-spank-and-a-tickle-but-totally-consensual-and-never-that-dark approved! In addition to camming, Candace is a femdom/mommy domme, there's some video chat/masturbation, exhibitionism, pegging, light degradation/praise, and a lot of pussy worship.

Let me know if you pick this one up! I'd love to gush about how wonderful it is with other readers

xoxo, Cat

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