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Wicked Villains Review

Katee Robert is one of those authors who has such a fun social media presence, and all of her books that I've read so far reflect that personality. The Wicked Villains series was actually my introduction into her enormous backlog, and it was a great place to start. They are all very loose reimaginings of some of the original, best known Disney stories, but with a twist ... the heroes aren't so heroic, and the villains get the happily ever after.

Each of the 7 stories is a standalone for that couple, but all of the stories are tied together through the BDSM club run by Hades--named, of course, The Underworld. They can be read in any order, they're all pretty short and spicy. There is some plot to each, which is mostly a little bonkers. There's a lot of polyamory, a lot of public sex, and they all have HEA's.

Desperate Measures - Jafar and Jasmine - MF

This is a daddy kink book and the only dubcon on the list. As always, please look up content warnings for this series before diving in (I'll put a list of the ones I can think of at the bottom of the post.) Honestly, before I picked this up, I wasn't sure it was my kind of thing. But damn if it wasn't a hell of a good time, and it absolutely hits the ground running. This book is 100% for anyone who ever gave the screen a little bit of side eye or hid a blush during the Jasmine handcuffed for Jafar in the little, red number scene.

3.75 / 5 star (I loved the way this ended)

4.5 / 5 spice

Learn My Lesson - Hades / Meg / Hercules - MMF

This one is my personal favorite, but hey, I always was a sucker for the Hercules movie. Meg and Hades have both a business agreement made long ago as a price she paid for an awful ex, and a partnership that goes deeper. But there's something missing, or too much, or simply too many walls between them.

Until Hades tells Meg to seduce a handsome young man ... who turns out to be the son of his long-time rival, Zeus.

There's a lot of angst about how the explosive lust between them is going to end, and who's going to get to keep who.

If Meg was your bi awakening (whether you knew it then or not) ... this is the one for you.

4.5 / 5 star

4.5 / 5 spice

A Worthy Opponent - Hook and Tink - MF

In this one, Tink is a plus-sized, bratty submissive whose contract at The Underworld is coming to an end, and she's forced to figure out what she's going to do with her future, and how hiding from Peter plays into it.

Luckily, Hook is hot, arrogant, but secretly ooey gooey at the center for her. Also, he has a shower to die for, and as my writing group knows--I AM ALL ABOUT FANCY BATHROOM DESIGN IN BOOKS.

4 star

4.5 spice

The Beast - Gaston / Beast / Belle - MMF

This one seems like it should have worked for me a lot more. It had some of my favorite spicy scenes in the entire series (BELLE AND AURORA???) but I wasn't as into their actual relationship and character development as I was for other books in the series.

In all fairness though, I kind of hate Belle in the Disney Beauty and the Beast, too.

3 Star

4.75 Spice

The Sea Witch - Ursa / Alarick / Ariel - MFF

Tentacles. Toys. Femdom. MFF.


Honestly, what was the plot? I can't remember. Brain only has room for the spice in this one.

3.5 Star

4.5 Spice

Queen Takes Rose - Aurora / Malone - FF

This is the only FF book in the entire series, and it's an age gap, ice queen, sapphic romance between Aurora and Maleficent. I absolutely love Aurora's character throughout the books, and I think her group scenes are some of the best work.

Age gap is one of my favorite tropes, but ice queen / grumpy sunshine tropes are hit or miss. There was a fair bit of miscommunication in this one, which made it hard for me personally to root for Malone, but I was happy as hell to see Aurora get an HEA.

3 Star

3.75 Spice

That's a wrap! Sadly these aren't in KU, but I totally think they're worth it. If underground BDSM club with Disney characters aren't totally your jam, but hot scenes in a bit of a more contemporary erotic romance setting are more your thing, then Katee Robert's Touch of Taboo might be what you're looking for. Don't worry, I'll review those soon, too.

Let me know if you've read these! Which was your favorite?

Xoxo Cat

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