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November TBR

Alright, my bookish friends, I've been in a bit of a reading slump the past few months (honestly, is it even a reading slump, or is it just burnout??), so I'm going to put together an actual tbr and see if that helps. I know for mood readers, putting together a tbr makes them feel too boxed in, and either gets chucked out the window or puts them in a slump. But I'm not quite a mood reader, and I think that leaving everything up to hopes and vibes is leaving too many options and then I end up reading none of them.

Is it just me, or is the reading slump/burnout mood kind of going around this time of year?

Alright, onto the books! November is Native American Heritage Month. It is also Diabetes Awareness Month, Epilepsy Awareness Month, Homeless Youth Awareness Month, and Movember (prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide prevention). It's important to read diversely year-round, but I do want to make a special effort to include own-voices books on these themes during the month.

A surprise to absolutely no one, I have gone a little overboard with 28 books on the tbr. Ten of these, I plan to listen to on audiobook (using Hoopla and Scribd), but 5 of these are fantasy books on the slightly chunkier side, so I don't expect to actually get through all of these. And that's fine. I don't have a goal number, but these are the books I'm going to prioritize for November. There's quite a bit of variety here in terms of genre, representation, and even the format I intend to read in, so it should give me some freedom to mood read while still sticking to the tbr.

Have you read any of these? What's the most anticipated book on your November tbr?

Stay spooky!


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