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Monthly Movement Challenge - November

In the Healthy Choices for Busy Writers, we talked about how small, sustainable choices can help us be happier, healthier writers. My first tip was to set a timer and get up from wherever we choose to write every 30 minutes. It seems so easy to do, but without the timer, I know how easy it is to get lost in what we're doing and go hours without moving out of our seats. Even when we aren't necessarily that comfortable, we'll often power through it, instead of moving around and getting back into things.

So, if an object at rest stays at rest, let's be each other's outside forces and give one another some momentum.

I put together a little Monthly Movement Challenge, and I'm going to share it over on my

Instagram (@cattaleyagiraldo). It's 30 days of small challenges. Things that don't take a lot of time and don't require us to buy anything but can remind us to get up, get moving, and treat our bodies better.

On a weekly basis, I'll post a graphic with a little more detail for each daily item. I hope you'll comment there and let me know how you're following along and if you're substituting any movements out with something else. I did my best to give modifications, but if any of these aren't accessible to you, please find something small that makes you and your body feel good for a couple of minutes.

I'll be starting November 1, and if you all like this, I'll keep it going next month as well. I'm really looking forward to making all of this a larger series, and I hope you are too.

Stay spooky,


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