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#mixtape - The Forgotten Soundtrack #1

Welcome back, Witchlings <3

It always amazes me how differently all writers (and readers!) respond to their settings. I've met some people who need complete silence--no music, no white noise--when they write. Which honestly blows my mind a little bit. Maybe it's a personal weakness, but I do not do well with silence. I can go hours without talking... but I need music, podcasts, or tv to fill in the background.

I totally understand how listening to music can be distracting while writing, though. As much as I love to make playlists for my writing session or wip, I've found that listening to a single song on loop for an entire writing session works best for me. After a few loops, the song fades into white noise--essentially, white noise that I'm able to theme to my project.

I have a few go-to songs for writing sessions for The Forgotten Gods project. Since it's this big apocalypse story, complete with a fantasy pagan religion, I tend to stick with Hallelujah covers, the piano version of This is Gospel, or the Jeremy Jordan cover of It's all Coming Back to me Now.

But when I'm reading, I often find myself wondering what sort of playlist the author would have put together for their story. And I LOVE anytime an author actually includes a playlist. So, without further ado, here's a short playlist for The Forgotten Gods

Send me a message and let me know, what do you like to listen to when you read / write? Do you wish more books came with author playlists? Send me some suggestions.

And remember to hit that subscribe button! I'm working on a few in-world short stories that I'll be sending out to subscribers very soon.

Creators bless, and I'll see you again soon,

<3 Cat

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